Moving On: 15 Signs That It’s the Right Time for Selling Your Home

Did you know that more than 5.6 million homes were sold in the United States in 2020, not including new builds? 

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, people have been reevaluating their lives and changing homes. 

If you are debating between putting your house on the market or not, you should take inventory of your reasons to move. 

Continue reading to discover some of the biggest reasons for selling your home so that your family can get more comfortable! 

1. Growing Family

One of the most common reasons for selling your home is that you have a growing family.

When your house becomes too small for your family to comfortably live, you should probably look for other options. Although you might love your home, your family has evolved and your home will need to evolve as well. This is typically the case for first-time homebuyers since they often start in an apartment or condo that they bought. 

If your family is growing and you don’t have enough bedrooms, bathrooms, or storage, you can avoid dealing with the market and sell your home for cash. This money can help you pay for your next home, where everyone can get a room. 

When you are upsizing homes, try to avoid getting something too large if you only need a temporary solution. 

2. Need to Downsize 

Have your kids or roommates moved out of the home leaving you with a lot of extra space?

Instead of feeling lonely in a large place, you should sell your home and find a more appropriate place. Not only are large homes unnecessary for 1 to 3 people, but they also take up a lot of your time and money.

Large homes take hours to clean, which can get exhausting and painful. If you are trying to simplify your life, downsizing is recommended. Before you move, take time to purge items that no longer serve you or provide meaning. 

According to a recent survey, more than 55% of people in the United States said that they would consider living in a tiny home. Downsizing is becoming more popular as people try to limit material possessions and leave a smaller carbon footprint. 

Selling your home for cash through our company can help you buy a tiny home and everything else that you will need for your future home! 

3. New Jobs 

Career changes can arise at any time, which makes it difficult to plan a big move.

If you get the opportunity of a lifetime but don’t know what to do with your home, our company will take it off of your hands and let you walk away with cash. For people that need to quickly move for a new job, learn about how our process works to help you. Homebuyers Acadiana can sell your home and get cash in your pocket before your training even begins! 

Getting a new job can get overwhelming, especially if you need to move states or work in a different department. Working with new people, learning new processes, and expanding your role are enough to worry about. Leave your home in the hands of a company that you can trust. 

4. To Discover New Areas

Most people don’t realize it but more than 70% of adults still live in or near their hometowns. 

It is easy to stay in the comfort of a community you grew up in, but if you are looking to explore, you might want to consider selling. If the time has come and you want to discover what the world has to offer, you can sell your home for cash and start looking for a new destination to explore. 

Living in different areas can expose your family to other cultures and environments. A lot of people spend their lives dreaming of all of the places they want to visit but rarely go to. Working from home has made it possible for people to maintain a steady job while expanding their options. 

5. Avoid Large Projects

If you are dreading a large home improvement project and aren’t planning to stay at the house much longer, you should sell it.

Although getting a new roof and gutters on your home might increase its value, you can let the next homeowner take care of these needs. You might get less in your total check but you won’t have to worry about the stress of the project or needing to apply for a loan. 

Expensive repairs can dig into your savings account when you are trying to break free from home. Although our company doesn’t require inspections, the condition of the home will reflect in the total offer. 

Companies willing to buy homes as they are can save you a lot of frustration, especially when you come across major damage.  

6. Thriving Market

Over the past few years, the housing market has been active and people are getting well over their asking prices.

Pay attention to the housing market. Every few years, the market will ‘crash’ or fluctuate between being a buyers’ and sellers’ market. You can compare your options between selling with an agent or to our company. Many people are convinced once they realize how few fees and added costs they need to cover. 

7. Work Towards Sustainable Living

With global warming increasing, your family should consider moving to a sustainable community. 

More than 75% of parents in the United States say that the reason they want to live more eco-friendly is because of their children. Today’s youth will inherit the planet from their parents and grandparents, and if changes aren’t made, there won’t be anything to pass down.

Selling your home can help you break free and take steps towards living more sustainably. You can get a new home that runs on solar power or windmills. Another way to live green is by selling your home and finding a place that creates no waste. 

Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make adjustments. 

8. Avoid Foreclosure 

Now that most support from the pandemic is over, people are finding themselves in the situation of dealing with foreclosures. 

If you are about to foreclose on your home, you can sell your house to us after filling out a quick form. The money that the company can get you will help pay back bills so that you don’t have to file bankruptcy. Foreclosure is a messy process where legalities are involved and your home could get seized, don’t risk it. 

It is best to start acting on selling your home before the bank comes to take it. This typically happens after a period of not paying your bills. 

9. Looking for a Better Environment 

When people aren’t happy with the location of their homes, they are more likely to suffer from negative moods. 

To improve your mood and the quality of life for your family, you might want to consider moving to a better environment. Moving out of a poor environment can get your kids in a better school and around friends with similar interests. 

As communities develop, the entire area, including the people change. Take. a look at your town and think about the needs of your family. If the area is no longer serving a purpose, it might be the best time to sell your place. 

10. Close to Retirement

If you are getting close to retirement and want to move, now is the time to sell!

Selling your home for cash will expand your retirement options and make it possible to find. a new community to live in. You can also use the money from selling your home to make an investment or pass it on to loved ones. 

Working up until retirement is exhausting, which is why selling your home will be the best choice. You can skip the inspections and long processes that come with fees. Most people retiring want to move to a warmer climate or low-maintenance property. 

Don’t spend your retirement years working on home improvement projects and talking to real estate agents. 

11. Upkeep Is Time-Consuming

Many people decide to sell their homes and move to a smaller place or condo. 

Our options require less upkeep which saves you time and money. A lot of homes are struggling and crumbling at the foundation, when our company purchases then from you, the fight is over. Whether the home or the landscaping is too time-consuming to maintain, you should find. better home that will free up your time. 

Since most of your time is already filled up with work and running errands, save the rest so that you can make the best memories. 

12. You Need Cash Fast 

When you go the traditional route of getting an agent and listing the home for sale, it could take months before you get any money.

Between negotiating terms with the potential buyers and banks, you could be looking at a year to officially move. If you need money fast, our company will buy your home for cash and sell it so that your worries can disappear. 

Sometimes people get in a bind and need cash to take care of someone or make an investment. Instead of asking for a loan that might not get approved, you can look for a new home that is better for your needs.  

Not only will you get cash in your hand, but you will also avoid most of the fees that you would get with realtors. 

13. You Inherited Property 

Many people contact Homebuyers Acadiana because they inherited property that they don’t want.

If someone recently passed and wanted to give you their home, but you don’t know what to do with it— sell it! When these homes don’t hold as much sentimental value you can get money for them instead and put it towards other priorities. Often, people don’t use these homes since they already live somewhere close to work or don’t want to take on the tasks of upkeeping the property. 

14. You Want to Decrease Properties

With so many people investing in the housing market, many are finding themselves with too much space.

Renting out your property might seem like a good idea but it comes with a lot of time, research, and risk. Instead of turning your property into a headache, you can sell it for cash and relieve some of your worries. You shouldn’t feel stuck with property on your hands when there are so many solutions available.

You can use the money from one of your homes to buy something better or turn a cabin into a home. 

15. Get Closer to Family 

Moving to a new area can be intimidating, however, when family is close-by, it seems much easier.

If you are sick of driving (or flying) hours just to spend some time with relatives, you might want to consider moving. Moving closer to your family can provide more support and help, especially if you have children. Some people also move closer to family due to health reasons. 

The selling process will go by quickly and you will have money to take to your new destination. 

Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home?

When it comes to selling your home, you don’t want to make such a large decision at the wrong time. 

Whether you want to sell your home because of downsizing or upsizing, there are plenty of more suitable options. Some homes take too much effort to maintain, and if you don’t have the money to invest in projects, the home only continues to struggle. Don’t forget, not all home improvement projects will be worth your time, investment, and reward. 

Selling your home to us will give you cash in hand and a new opportunity to discover where your family belongs. 

Be sure to contact us about selling your home fast in Louisiana, you can speed up the process and simplify it! 

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