Common Reasons to Sell a House Fast in Lafayette, Louisiana

Wondering when it’s a smart move to sell a house fast? Check out our article for a comprehensive look at why people typically sell fast.

According to Redfin, the median amount of time it takes for a house to sell is about 65 days. While a house can sit on the market much longer than that, even the fastest-selling house probably won’t have a closing for a month or two.

What if you need to sell a house fast in Lafayette, Louisiana rather than waiting months or potentially over a year?

When you sell for cash rather than to people who are financing the purchase, it means that the sale can be over and done with much sooner. While the listing price might not be as high in a cash sale as when you sell it on the open market, it offers the benefit of being a quick and stress-free way of selling a house fast.

Are you wondering why people might be motivated to sell their houses fast for cash? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

Relocating For a Job

One of the common reasons that someone might need to sell a house fast is if they are relocating for a job that starts right away. They might need to sell their house in order to buy another one, or simply might want to not be paying for two places for very long.

Financial Problems

Most of us come face to face with financial issues at some point in our lives. For some individuals, it might mean that they choose to sell for cash or otherwise quickly in order to access the equity they have in the home and pay off their debts.

The House Is in Need of Extensive Repairs

If a piece of property has been damaged or neglected, owners might choose to sell it rather than fix it up themselves. These properties don’t always qualify for mortgages with lenders depending on the damage, so these owners might choose to sell for cash fast.

Sell A House Due To Divorce In Lafayette, Louisiana

It’s not uncommon for divorcing couples to sell the home they shared together. This isn’t always the case, but sometimes it makes sense for the house to be sold quickly when a couple is breaking up and starting new lives.

Tax Liens In Lafayette, La

Properties with liens on them don’t typically qualify for conventional mortgages. This means that cash buyers are usually the way to go, which is also advantageous because of the speed of the sale.

Pre-Foreclosure In Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

People who are facing foreclosure might find that the best possible option for them is to sell their house as fast as possible. This can help to keep them out of legal trouble and can also ensure that it is not an issue that drags on in their lives.

Sell A House That Was Inherited In Lafayette

While receiving an inheritance can be a real boon, it can also mean a lot of different estate issues to deal with. Whether you are the sole inheritor of a house or you’ve inherited it along with other relatives, sometimes selling quickly is the best option rather than renting the place out or living in it yourself. It can also be more simple to sell the house and split the money amongst the various inheritors rather than determining how to deal with the property as a group.

Sometimes people inherit properties that have seen better days. If a house is been neglected or damage somehow, going for a quick sale is a common tactic when someone inherits a run-down property.

Bad Tenants

Being a landlord can be a great way to make (sort of) passive income, but it also comes with some pretty serious risks. If you rented a place out to people who are refusing to move out after nonpayment of rent, you might find that your best option is to sell. Depending on the landlord-tenant laws in your state, this might be the easiest way to move on from the issue.

On top of that, maybe you’ve just found that being a landlord is not for you. If you’ve had a string of less than ideal tenants or simply are done with the 24/7 reality of managing properties, you might choose to go for a quick sale rather than leaving the house vacant and selling on the open market.

Death of a Family Member

The death of a family member can change absolutely every aspect of life, including where you decide to live. It’s possible that the death of the family breadwinner might require that the remaining family sells their house fast, or they might choose to downsize the home. Others might sell a house simply because it is too painful to remain in the family home where so many memories were made.

Do You Need to Sell a House Fast?

As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons why you might want to sell a house fast. Whether one of these common reasons applies to you or you have a different justification entirely, selling your house for cash is definitely one of the fastest ways to move on with your life. Instead of having a house sale that rules your life for a period of months at best, you can have the whole process over and done with in as little as a week.

Are you thinking about selling your house in Lafayette, Louisiana? When you sell your house for cash, you don’t have to make any repairs, pay any realtor commissions, or pay any closing costs. It also allows you to sell on your terms.

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